What to Wear to a Beach Festival for Women

What to Wear to a Beach Festival for Women

Maintain Authenticity

When dressing up for a beach festival, don’t treat it like its Halloween and wear a costume. You should get a bit of your flair to it. Festivals are the time for you to show off your talent. Try for something more Bohemian or rock and roll, or you can mix and match with different styles and genres. You can also take high street fashion to the next level and utilise the latest beachwear.

Buy Fringes

Fringes are in season now, and you can expect fringes in the runway and the festival season. You can add fringes to any of your accessories, and it can add an edgy feeling to it. Fringes gives a bold look and accentuates your whole wardrobe. Fringes have been fashionable for some time and designers till play around with it. It also provides a very casual and chilled look.

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Vintage is in nowadays, and the demand for vintage tees are on the rise. A regular Bape tee can go for a thousand dollars nowadays. Vintage can also provide this edgy and classy look which will make you definitely stand out. You can wear leather and jeans combinations along with an aviator shade. You can make it more authentic by buying it from a vintage store.

A Statement Piece

You can never go wrong with a rock and roll look or a bohemian vibe at a festival. But in fact, you can go wrong. To make it easier, try going for something themed that doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard, but also at the same time, it is trendy. Pick a trendy piece and mix it with the basics from your closet and you’ll look like a stunner.

Do Not Wear Your Bathing Suit

Keep your bathing suit for the beach. It just isn’t very fashion-forward. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of luck if you’re coming from a pool party; it just means you must be smart about how you wear your bathing suit. It is better if you top it with a cute crop top or wear it under a pair of denim overalls. It looks trendy when it’s layered and is a part of a look—not as a stand-alone top.


Forget Your Flip Flops

Music festivals require you to walk around in dirt or grass or the worst-case scenario—mud. You are using portable washrooms used by many other people- it is disgusting as it sounds. You might even wind up with a drink spilt on you. The best you can do is not wear flip-flops as it will not only make your feet look disgusting by day’s end, but there’s also a good chance you’ll step in something you do not want to step you on.

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