What Are the World’s Most Prestigious Film Festivals?


What Are the World’s Most Prestigious Film Festivals?

Film Festivals are an organized event that attracts the glitz and the glam of most of the film industries around the world. It is a haven for filmmakers, business insiders and moviegoers. Different genres of movies are explored and discussed during a film festival. These film festivals mostly take place on an annual basis. These festivals provide a benchmark to assess the quality of each video produced. Let’s look at some of the world’s most prestigious and coveted film festivals:

Festival De Cannes (Cannes, France)

Cannes Film Festival is considered to be the epitome of film festivals. The movies to be screened are curated, and most of the films are debuted there before it is tested locally. Cannes is considered a brand since it has specific rules and factors which it exercises to select movies since its inception. Cannes balances top-tier Hollywood movies and art films perfectly.

Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah)

Sundance is the mecca for the burgeoning indie film scene in the United States. Sundance plays host to the upcoming filmmakers and artists. The movies screened there are from different, and most of it reflects on society. It is a showcase of American cinema, and the elite of the industry can be seen attending it. A lot of street art can also be seen popping around the venue during this time.


Venice Film Festival (Venice, Italy)

Venice Film Festival was once on par with Cannes regarding grandeur. It still stays relevant due to the fact it lies in the August/September time. Venice progressed to become a crowd favourite since the venue is an exotic location. The movies screened here are more art like and attracts a much quieter crowd, it is mostly non-delegates who nudge in between.

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) (Toronto, Canada)

Toronto International Film Festival is an industry favourite due to its host of A-listers and industry elites. This festival is also during the fall season which gives way to a fashion extravaganza. The only thing this festival lacks is its proximity to the exotic locations; this is compensated by the beautiful skylines of Toronto. TIFF is also an earmark for the industry because it lies in the hotspot of North American cinema. TIFF is also attended by critics who go onto influence Oscar screenings.

Berlin International Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin International Film Festival is popularly called the Berlinale. This festival is famous for its selection of venues. This festival hosts high profile documentaries and art films. The crowd is more of film fans and less of A-list celebrities. The recent years it has faced a lot of criticism because some events were poorly managed and were inconsistently organised.

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