The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Music Festivals


The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Music Festivals

Use Sunscreen

There is nothing more terrible than taking some time off to wind up with sunburn on the primary day of your trip and being hopeless whatever remains of the time; you are outside. It’s essential to apply on the sunscreen at various times consistently if you are going out, even if it is sunny, or it is cloudy outside. This is something you should convey with you in your tote bag.


You’ll likewise require decent water to brush teeth and have a wash where you can utilise biodegradable soap, so it’s efficient to have water put aside for that. Wet wipes are similar to some anti-bacterial hand cleaner. Carry a couple of towels as you’ll be there for a couple of days and there’s nothing more awful than stinky towels. Which is additionally why a touch of washing line and pegs prove to be useful in your camp.


While you can’t bring in bottled water that is obtained outside of many music festival premises, you can bring it along with you as you roam around town. June is a hot and humid month, and that is the time when most of the concerts take place which will make you winded up being dehydrated on the off chance that you don’t recharge your water regularly. This also applies if the show takes place in a dry or humid area.



Fans that need to meet with their most loved artists at the convention centre need to get up very early to get in line outside the convention centre route before it opens early in the morning. Fans sometimes line up as soon as they can, to be among the first to enter the building when it begins. They can race to their most loved artist’s booth to get a ticket to meet them during the day or for an autograph which may not be signed until evening. Slightly on the off chance that you don’t arrive after opening, every one of the tickets will be distributed when you walk in at afternoon, furthermore, think you will hop in line at that point. This is the standard procedure for most of the concerts around the world.

First Aid

A perfectly stocked first aid kit is essential. Headache pills and painkillers are essential, also carry something for dodgy tummies, creams for insect bites or stings. Bandages and plasters for any cuts or bruises. Stuff to keep mosquitos away, for example, citronella oil or any other repellants. And a supply of condoms if necessary. You should always be prepared for a concert as we can’t predict what will happen. Being secured even if it a hassle, is still worth it.

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