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The music, food and drinks make this place perfect – you’re free to let your hair down and have the time of your life! Away from the boredom of routine life, this indeed comes as a refreshing change!

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What to Wear to a Beach Festival for Women

Maintain Authenticity

When dressing up for a beach festival, don’t treat it like its Halloween and wear a costume. You should get a bit of your flair to it. Festivals are the time for you to show off your talent. Try for something more Bohemian or rock and roll, or you can mix and match with different styles and genres. You can also take high street fashion to the next level and utilise the latest beachwear.

Buy Fringes

Fringes are in season now, and you can expect fringes in the runway and the festival season. You can add fringes to any of your accessories, and it can add an edgy feeling to it. Fringes gives a bold look and accentuates your whole wardrobe. Fringes have been fashionable for some time and designers till play around with it. It also provides a very casual and chilled look.

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Vintage is in nowadays, and the demand for vintage tees are on the rise. A regular Bape tee can go for a thousand dollars nowadays. Vintage can also provide this edgy and classy look which will make you definitely stand out. You can wear leather and jeans combinations along with an aviator shade. You can make it more authentic by buying it from a vintage store.

A Statement Piece

You can never go wrong with a rock and roll look or a bohemian vibe at a festival. But in fact, you can go wrong. To make it easier, try going for something themed that doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard, but also at the same time, it is trendy. Pick a trendy piece and mix it with the basics from your closet and you’ll look like a stunner.

Do Not Wear Your Bathing Suit

Keep your bathing suit for the beach. It just isn’t very fashion-forward. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of luck if you’re coming from a pool party; it just means you must be smart about how you wear your bathing suit. It is better if you top it with a cute crop top or wear it under a pair of denim overalls. It looks trendy when it’s layered and is a part of a look—not as a stand-alone top.


Forget Your Flip Flops

Music festivals require you to walk around in dirt or grass or the worst-case scenario—mud. You are using portable washrooms used by many other people- it is disgusting as it sounds. You might even wind up with a drink spilt on you. The best you can do is not wear flip-flops as it will not only make your feet look disgusting by day’s end, but there’s also a good chance you’ll step in something you do not want to step you on.

What Are the World’s Most Prestigious Film Festivals?


Film Festivals are an organized event that attracts the glitz and the glam of most of the film industries around the world. It is a haven for filmmakers, business insiders and moviegoers. Different genres of movies are explored and discussed during a film festival. These film festivals mostly take place on an annual basis. These festivals provide a benchmark to assess the quality of each video produced. Let’s look at some of the world’s most prestigious and coveted film festivals:

Festival De Cannes (Cannes, France)

Cannes Film Festival is considered to be the epitome of film festivals. The movies to be screened are curated, and most of the films are debuted there before it is tested locally. Cannes is considered a brand since it has specific rules and factors which it exercises to select movies since its inception. Cannes balances top-tier Hollywood movies and art films perfectly.

Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah)

Sundance is the mecca for the burgeoning indie film scene in the United States. Sundance plays host to the upcoming filmmakers and artists. The movies screened there are from different, and most of it reflects on society. It is a showcase of American cinema, and the elite of the industry can be seen attending it. A lot of street art can also be seen popping around the venue during this time.


Venice Film Festival (Venice, Italy)

Venice Film Festival was once on par with Cannes regarding grandeur. It still stays relevant due to the fact it lies in the August/September time. Venice progressed to become a crowd favourite since the venue is an exotic location. The movies screened here are more art like and attracts a much quieter crowd, it is mostly non-delegates who nudge in between.

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) (Toronto, Canada)

Toronto International Film Festival is an industry favourite due to its host of A-listers and industry elites. This festival is also during the fall season which gives way to a fashion extravaganza. The only thing this festival lacks is its proximity to the exotic locations; this is compensated by the beautiful skylines of Toronto. TIFF is also an earmark for the industry because it lies in the hotspot of North American cinema. TIFF is also attended by critics who go onto influence Oscar screenings.

Berlin International Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin International Film Festival is popularly called the Berlinale. This festival is famous for its selection of venues. This festival hosts high profile documentaries and art films. The crowd is more of film fans and less of A-list celebrities. The recent years it has faced a lot of criticism because some events were poorly managed and were inconsistently organised.

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Music Festivals


Use Sunscreen

There is nothing more terrible than taking some time off to wind up with sunburn on the primary day of your trip and being hopeless whatever remains of the time; you are outside. It’s essential to apply on the sunscreen at various times consistently if you are going out, even if it is sunny, or it is cloudy outside. This is something you should convey with you in your tote bag.


You’ll likewise require decent water to brush teeth and have a wash where you can utilise biodegradable soap, so it’s efficient to have water put aside for that. Wet wipes are similar to some anti-bacterial hand cleaner. Carry a couple of towels as you’ll be there for a couple of days and there’s nothing more awful than stinky towels. Which is additionally why a touch of washing line and pegs prove to be useful in your camp.


While you can’t bring in bottled water that is obtained outside of many music festival premises, you can bring it along with you as you roam around town. June is a hot and humid month, and that is the time when most of the concerts take place which will make you winded up being dehydrated on the off chance that you don’t recharge your water regularly. This also applies if the show takes place in a dry or humid area.



Fans that need to meet with their most loved artists at the convention centre need to get up very early to get in line outside the convention centre route before it opens early in the morning. Fans sometimes line up as soon as they can, to be among the first to enter the building when it begins. They can race to their most loved artist’s booth to get a ticket to meet them during the day or for an autograph which may not be signed until evening. Slightly on the off chance that you don’t arrive after opening, every one of the tickets will be distributed when you walk in at afternoon, furthermore, think you will hop in line at that point. This is the standard procedure for most of the concerts around the world.

First Aid

A perfectly stocked first aid kit is essential. Headache pills and painkillers are essential, also carry something for dodgy tummies, creams for insect bites or stings. Bandages and plasters for any cuts or bruises. Stuff to keep mosquitos away, for example, citronella oil or any other repellants. And a supply of condoms if necessary. You should always be prepared for a concert as we can’t predict what will happen. Being secured even if it a hassle, is still worth it.

Safety Tips for A Beach Festival


Stay Hydrated, Cool, and Ditch Dehydration

Partying and enjoying watching your bands play under the scorching sun can be tiring. To avoid dehydration, start by making sure you drink plenty of water. A lot of stations at the festival provide water. This certainly applies if you’re drinking alcohol. Make sure you avoid doing intense activities during the hottest time during the day, that is between the hours 10 am to 2 pm. It is recommended you find some shade and rest. Do not forget to wear light clothes in light colours and make sure you are comfortable in your clothes. Make sure you stay cool by wearing sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

Go with A Group/ Friend

It is recommended that you go with a trusted friend or a group as it will make sure you have someone to look out for you. Make sure you set up a meeting spot where you can meet up in case you split up or get lost. It is better not to rely on your phone as there might be network and battery issues. Also, make sure you and friend(s) have an exit strategy in case something goes wrong, this is always a good idea as you never know when something might go wrong.


Keep an Eye on Your Drink

Always stay within a recommended limit and keep a count of what you are drinking. Drink spiking is a major issue at beach festivals. This is when a person adds a drug called as GHB or Rohypnol to your drink without you knowing, and it will make you feel uneasy while making you forgot the events that took place. It is recommended not to accept drinks from strangers or people you do not trust. If you wish to hang out with strangers, make sure you pour yourself drinks and keep a limit.

Supervise Your Belongings

Make sure you do not bring anything that is way too expensive to music festivals. This is because you might be camping at the festival and might leave your belongings in a car or a tent, which can be easily accessed and stolen, though it is better not to leave anything in your car or the tent. Bring a sturdy backpack to keep your medications, valuables, water, extra clothes, etc.

Party Safe

You can make the best time at the beach festival by making sure your party safe. Keep count of how much alcohol you’re drinking and make sure you avoid binge drinking at all costs. Remember to eat your meals and drink a lot of water. While illegal drugs may seem fun, they are also dangerous as you don’t know what’s in them or how they’ll affect you. Do not mix alcohol and other drugs. This is because you can’t say how they will react to each other and if they will make you sick. Stay safe.